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EFactor Presents: Beyond Basic Bartending: Mastering Mixology and The Business of Bars

Celebrate Mardi Gras in a special way. We know as entrepreneurs you often entertain and host events with current, potential and future clients. Join us for an exclusive tasting from top mixologists on perfecting that special cocktail. Learn from these industry insiders on what drinks are currently trending, what are the most popular drinks and how to impress your guests. Make sure to bring your palette as you’ll be tasting some rather unique concoctions. Shall we mention, it’s Mardi Gras again?!?!

After attending, you’ll have insights on: 
● What makes a good cocktail 
● Special ingredients you would never think to use
● How to entertain guests at an event on a tight budget
● Is mixology a career for you?

Nicole Lebedevitch: A studied musician with restaurant experience dating back to high school, Nicole has dedicated her talents to her love of the hospitality industry. As General Manager of The Hawthorne, she has helped build a program of national renown in less than a year. Outside The Hawthorne she has built a reputation for extending her nurturing beyond just the team she manages. A member of Lupec (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails) and of the local USBG (our bar tender's guild), she is an avid competitor helping raise awareness for numerous charities through cocktail competitions and other bar centric fund raisers.


Enjoy complimentary drinks and appetizers

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Shaking Things Up with a Cocktail Expert in Boston
We live in a generation in which bartending is no longer a side-gig, and cocktails have become works of art, carefully crafted from exotic ingredients by seasoned mixologists who make careers out of matching the perfect drink with any customer, event, menu or mood. To give our members a glimpse at the intriguing world of mixology, and some drink-making tips to take to their next networking or social event, we popped over to Boston and invited expert mixologist Nicole Lebedevitch to share her secrets on what makes a good drink, unexpected ingredients, entertaining on a tight budget and getting a start in the bar industry.
Lebedevitch is the General Manager at The Hawthorne, a nationally acclaimed cocktail bar in Boston’s Fenway neighborhood. Interestingly, she started out with high hopes of making it big in the music industry, but realized the stage that fit her best was behind a bar, so she became a restaurant hostess with ambitions to move up in the industry as high as she could. She worked her way up to The Hawthorne, and is also a member of LUPEC (Ladies United for the Preservation of Endangered Cocktails), and has built a reputation for advocating and teaching the art of mixology far beyond the bar she manages. A philanthropist to boot, Lebedevitch raises awareness in the food and beverage industries by holding cocktail competitions and other bar-centric fundraisers, to benefit charities near and far.
For her first “performance” of the evening, Lebedevitch shared a punch recipe that she said was perfect for a social gathering. The punch featured bourbon, tea and lemon-infused sugar. Next, she presented a Pimm’s cup, which is a classic cocktail inspired by New Orleans that is comprised of Pimm’s spirit, lemon, sugar, ginger ale and cucumber. Her third act was a French 75, made of gin or cognac, a type of preserved lemon called lemon cordule and sugar. Another New Orleans-inspired sip, the Sazerac, acted as Lebedevitch’s finale, made of a choice of spirit, plus sugar, bitters and water. 
Attendees also learned some preparation methods from Lebedevitch, including the difference between stirring a drink and shaking it. Stirring, Lebedevitch taught, creates a smooth taste while still mixing ingredients thoroughly. Shaking, on the other hand, creates bubbles and textures while mixing. 
With all these recipes and tips to take to the bank, attendees will no doubt host some smashing events in the future, featuring some expertly crafted cocktails inspired by a pro. Whether these drinks will be meant to indulge friends and family, or charm potential colleagues and partners, we know there will be plenty of cheers-ing to come! Thanks again to Nicole Lebedevitch for sharing her insights on what it takes to be a successful mixologist and businesswoman! 



Note on Pricing:

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Price at the door - $20



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9:30pm - Event ends

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