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EFactor Presents: Founders & Marketers

EFactor Presents: Founders & Marketers

You may have a brilliant product, but do you know how to market it? Without a cutting edge marketing strategy event the most amazing products can fail.

Founders are not always the best marketers and often their product suffers as the result. An exciting new marketing campaign can easily bring recognition, new customers, and ensure the success of your business.

Don’t let your company suffer! Join EFactor for an information packed event that will bring founders and marketing professionals together to teach you everything you need to know about startup marketing. Learn from a panel of leading experts how to develop and implement an exciting new marketing strategy. Network with fellow entrepreneurs and meet marketing professionals to ensure your company’s success in the New Year!

Join us to discuss:

  • What are the newest cutting edge Marketing trends?
  • How to create the right marketing strategy for your startup?
  • How to build the right marketing team for your company?
  • How to avoid common marketing mistakes?

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About the speakers: 

Gregory Segall is the founder and president of One Pica. He founded One Pica in 2002 with the goal of solving business challenges through the intelligent melding of business strategy, branding, marketing communications and technology. Since then, One Pica has expanded its focus to include a unique approach of evaluating customer experience in the context of total company operations, while continuing to provide the highest quality design and development services to a range of diverse companies and industries. He provides all vision and leadership in the planning, design and delivery of One Pica projects. He oversees the process and approves all design and development decisions. Additionally, the President plays the lead role in the Client negotiation process and overall concept development for each project. He has been deeply involved in the design industry since he began his career as Director of Marketing/Usability for a leading enterprise application developer, Syncline, Inc. After his time at Syncline, he became the Chief Technical Officer for a leading television media buying agency where he led all technical and marketing decisions/implementations. He holds a BFA in Graphic Design/Marketing Communications from Boston University.

AJ Gerritson is a Founding Partner at 451 Marketing, an award-winning, communications agency that specializes in public relations, social media marketing and search marketing. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, and with offices in Chicago, Illinois, Portland, and Maine, 451 Marketing works with brands to build awareness, engage customers, create fan loyalty and drive business through a cutting-edge integrated communications approach. Core competencies include: search marketing (SEO and PPC), social media marketing, traditional and online public relations, search leveraged public relations, and Web 2.0 integrated website design and development. At 451 Marketing, AJ oversees the agency’s strategic direction and sales and marketing efforts. AJ brings over 12 years of experience in interactive brand strategy, social media marketing, search marketing, public relations and interactive marketing. Prior to co-founding 451 Marketing, AJ was a Vice President at Zeeo Interactive, Inc., an award-winning interactive agency. Before Zeeo, AJ was the VP of Interactive Marketing for, where he helped build the online Asian food company from the ground up and positioned it for a successful acquisition. In 2010, Boston Business Journal recognized AJ as a member of their "40 under 40" class. Also, in his spare time he also serves on the Boston Irish Business Association's Board of Directors, an organization he co-founded. 

Cheryl Morris is the marketing manager at Nanigans. She leads the marketing efforts for Nanigans, a leading Facebook ad optimization company. Prior to Nanigans, Cheryl was part of the initial team, helping build the outlet into a venture capital backed new media company. Before BostInnovation Cheryl was in analyst and consultant roles at Market Platform Dynamics, a management consultancy specializing in payments and digital media companies. Here she led, a joint venture with BusinessWire, from idea inception through launch. During college, Cheryl spent a year as an emerging payments analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, where she educated bank staff about mobile payments. Cheryl graduated from Babson College in 2008 with a B.S. in Business Management and is recipient of the 2008 Shelby Cullom Davis Entrepreneurship Prize.


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Last Thursday we were lucky to host a fantastic panel of marketing experts during the Founders &  Marketers event.

With experience in social media, PR, brand marketing, eCommerce, digital media, content, search marketing and strategy, our panel was ready to tackle the topic at hand and address audience questions.  There was a lot of great discussion on PR, marketing strategy, social seeding and email marketing that yielded several great takeaways and “look this up when you get home” notes.

A few favorite’s from the night that we found extremely useful, important and well worth looking into:

PR: Where do you begin?!

RESEARCH! Make a spreadsheet with every blog, media outlet and organization you want to contact and find the person you want to talk to.  List their contact info including their email and twitter.  Do your DUE DILIGENCE… it’ll pay off.

Marketing Strategy: Establish your OWNED content before going after your EARNED!

What does that mean? Set up your Twitter account, your Facebook page, your Pinterest page, your website, company bio and blog.  You own that content.  Then and only then you can start asking that your target audience be interested in you, talk about you, share your company with their friends, etc., that’s content you EARN! 

Social Media: Always have GOALS!

Sure, social media is fun, and you can have fun using it, however, as a business, each platform you use should align with specific goals — and you should refer to those goals monthly, weekly, daily – always have them in mind when interacting with your customers.  How do you set these goals and how do you measure them? 

 by Evona at WorkBar Boston.

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Note on Pricing:

Early Bird Special - $10 (Ends 3 weeks before event date, sign up early!)

Regular Price - $15

Price at the door - $20


6:30pm - 7:00pm Pre-Event Networking Hour

7:00pm - 7:30pm Keynote Speaker

7:30pm - 8:30pm Panel Discussion

8:30pm - 9:00pm Audience Q&A

9:00pm - 9:30pm Post-Event Networking Hour

9:30pm - Event ends 


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