Startup Funding and Angel Funding

Friends and Family are usually the very first capital providers you should look at. F&F often can be available even when a company is just in its "idea" phase. Other more professional forms of capital may not be available yet at this point as there might not be a product or prototype yet to validate the idea. Don't expect your parents to remortgage their house - mostly F&F investments range up to US$25,000 and can be in the form of equity or debt.

Think you are ready to find funding? Learn the process and get started.

  1. Fill out and submit your funding request.

    Click Get Started and fill out the information form. EFactor will review your proposal within 2 days and notify investor members through the weekly digest of all new forms.

    Note: All our investor members can review any funding request at any time, but we do not publish your company name or details. The process is anonymous until you want that to change.

  2. Investors review and indicate interest.

    Investors who are interested in your information will review your generic form. If there is interest, the investor member will send a connection request to you.

  3. Approve investor request and connect.

    Once both you and the investor indicate a mutual interest to connect, you receive a connection request. Review and approve the request and you will be able to connect directly with the investor via the EFactor network.

  4. Close your request and provide feedback.

    When you no longer need to talk to our investor members, we ask that you click Close on your Finance Form and fill out the feedback form. This will help us to gauge whether you felt it was useful for you, and help us improve our effectiveness and our service.