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EFactor Presents: Got Funding?

As an entrepreneur you know that funding is crucial. It helps to have some money to get your business off the ground or expand it when a great opportunity comes up. Traditional sources are tough in this economy, but all it takes is a little imagination and some expert advice about some of the great new channels for funding now available.

If you are looking for funding, then you have come to the right place and it’s time to register!  This event will educate entrepreneurs about all the funding options now available for start-ups and small business owners. From crowdfunding, to angel investing and debt financing, to bootstrapping and small business loans, this not-to-be-missed event will feature experts from each funding niche.
After attending, you’ll have insights on:  
● The benefits and limitations of each type of funding;
● How to determine the type of financing that is right for your company;
● The process of securing each type of funding;
● And much, much more!
These insights will help you make more informed decisions and open up new doors of opportunity for your start-up or existing enterprise!
Mark Perlmutter: Mark is the CEO of MicroAngels Crowd Funding Network, a global network of local sites where grass roots crowd investors from overseas and the US can invest small amounts in companies they know and love, before they go public in the US. Mark was licensed as an investment broker in 1981 and has raised many millions of dollars from individuals for social impact companies.
Chris Fure: Chris Fure is a partner and the Development Director for Wonder Animation, Inc. (Los Angeles CA), and the LDJ Capital Fund (New York, NY). Previously, Chris was a partner and the Vice President of Business Development for TransGlobal Ventures, LLC (San Francisco, New York and Beijing) from 1998-2005, and was a partner and the Executive Producer of RCA/Iceberg recording artist SISTA SISTA (Oakland CA and Munich) from 1994-1997.  Currently, Chris also serves as Director of Development for the Abundant Seas Foundation.  Chris earned a MBA from NYIT and a BA from UC Berkeley.
Steve Cinelli. Steve has been involved in the application of technology to capital formation for twelve years.  His strategic finance career has spanned large and small institutions and the founding of OffRoad Capital and PRIMARQ, two private capital markets.
NextSpace provides innovative physical and virtual infrastructure that freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creative class professionals need to succeed in the 21st century knowledge economy. In an increasingly disconnected world, NextSpace creates a collaborative community that is revolutionizing the nature of work. NextSpace Union Square is the newest location and is the first time two NextSpaces exist in one city!
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Everyone's looking for that San Francisco treat. And what not a better treat then to get funding for that idea and or product you decided to make into a reality. But where do you start? What types of funding are available for you out there and which ones are the right fit for your company?
Traditional sources are though in this economy. To find out which options are still available, EFactor continued its “Got Funding?” series in San Francisco at the new NextSpace co-working space at Union Square. EFactor was joined by three funding experts, Mark Perlmutter, CEO of Micro Angels Crowd Funding Network, Chris Fure, Partner and Development Director for Wonder Animation, Inc. and Steve Cinelli, CEO of Primarq and advisor to Gate Technologies that gave advice about some of the great new channels for funding now available.
Chris Fure kicked off the evening with sharing an overview of where we should be looking for funding. Besides Friends and family, realistic options are Crowd Fund Reward (known as pre-sales), Crowd Fund Equity, Venture Capital or through an i-bank.
A VC, or as Mark Perlmutter called them "Vulture Capitalist", offers often expansion capital to create national channel distributions to which you exit the relationship via a merger or acquisition or i-bank (IPO). Steve Cinelli noted that there are VC's out there that offer more than just money. They provide other services to help you grow your brand, since this will benefit both parties in the long run. Chris also touched on the Crowd Fund Equity part and explained that this is a direct public offer; offering common stock or less than 10% equity of your company has helped small business owners be able to raise money at a reasonable rate.
Guests expressed their fear of VC's taking control off your company. Mark explained that money alone is the gas in the gas tank, you need a driver and that needs to be founder or co-founders.
Mark also commented on the JOBS Act, that President Obama signed into law in April and will allow equity based crowd funding. Right now the big next thing is advertising on NewsFlash! Before equity based crowd funding is being put in effect, direct Public offerings are already legal to advertise. Examples of big name companies who have used this way of advertising are Ben & Jerry's and Annie's Pretzels.
After the discussion, attendees were able to talk to the experts and to get personal funding advice. Once again, big thank you to NextSpace Union Square for letting us use their awesome new co-working space!



Note on Pricing:

Early Bird Special - $10 (Ends 3 weeks before event date, sign up early!)

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6:30pm - 7:00pm Pre-Event Networking Session

7:00pm - 7:30pm Keynote Speaker

7:30pm - 8:30pm Panel Discussion

8:30pm - 9:00pm Post-Event Networking Session

9:00pm - Event ends

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