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EFactor Presents: Mobile App Accelerant

EFactor Presents: Mobile App Accelerant (Sponsored by AT&T Hackathon)

The new buzz word around town is mobile app. In 2010 mobile applications brought in $2.2 billion. That’s right…billion! Even more impressive is the fact that figure is up 160 percent from 2009! The mobile app industry is exploding right before our eyes! 

In this day and age of instant gratification it’s no longer a question of whether your business should have a mobile app or not. Businesses across the planet are creating mobile applications for consumers.  Add to that the fact that there are more people in the world who own cell phones than credit cards! If you don’t have one you may be leaving money on the table! 

Don’t get left behind! This is an event for business owners as well as for developers. In addition to learning from CEO’s and industry leaders from the mobile app industry, you’ll also get the chance to meet potential partners to help get your idea off the ground! 

Space is limited so don’t delay. To learn more about creating a BLOCKBUSTER mobile application, register here. 

Speakers’ Bios: 

Roger Jin is the CEO and founder of Bridge, a consumer web startup that aims to help people form meaningful relationships. Roger is an entrepreneur to the bones. He graduated in two years from the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign. During his time in college, Roger founded a service-based startup, taught a class on entrepreneurship, curated StartupDigest, and managed over a dozen professional project teams. Roger also worked stints in venture capital and management consulting.

Yaron Oren is the COO of iSpeech, a high quality text to speech and speech recognition provider and the maker of the popular mobile apps, iSpeech Translator, iSpeech Obama and Caller ID Reader (15 million users in total.)  His web API and mobile SDKs enable developers and businesses to quickly and inexpensively build speech-enabled applications. The iSpeech Cloud has been used over a billion times.  Yaron has been publicly active in the mobile community having served on the mobile committees for the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Online Publishers Association (OPA) and spoken at various events including OMMA, DigiDay and Mobile Monday. In 2010, I was named one of “15 to watch” by MIN.

Sheena Chandok is the co-founder of Mobile {Dev}Sync, it brings together the mobile application value chain. It’s a program for carriers, device manufactures, app developers and fortune 1000 brands to educate, connect, and share ideas about the mobile application marketplace. Mobile DevSync focuses on the future development of applications to support web, mobile and multi-media platforms for the convergence of devices. Sheena is also co-chair & organizer for Mobile Monday Seattle (a gathering of the greater Seattle high tech community) and Mobile Northwest - a premier technology conference. Member of CTIA partner program to connect developers and mobile platforms.

Ahsan Rizvi has been an entrepreneur for the past two years and has gone from focusing on developing physical products in his first venture, to virtual ones in his current endeavor. During his graduate studies, he got bit hard by the entrepreneurial bug and decided to start a fashion apparel business: Fulton Collective, which owned and operated a number of fashion clothing brands that were sold across the globe at independent and chain retailers. He is now CEO and founder of a more software based startup, Fashionably.US, specifically in the Mobile Application development space.  

Joe Monastiero is the co-founder of appMobi, the first entirely SDK-free, cross-device native mobile app development and deployment platform. With appMobi, web developers can build mobile apps with standard HTML, JavaScript, AJAX and CSS and then have their apps built for them in the cloud No Objective C or Android programming knowledge is required. And its 100% TOS compliant. Our new XDK offers developers a convenient dashboard that interfaces with their preferred IDE, simulates their apps on a variety of devices, pushes their apps to the cloud for on-device testing , interfaces with the appMobi build generator and includes dozens of sample apps with source code.  Joe has been involved in five startups, one public, two acquired.

Ketan Anjaria is the founder of CardFlick. Ketan is up to his elbows in CardFlick on a daily basis being a designer, developer, and visionary for his company. Prior to founding CardFlick, he founded and helmed the interactive design agency kidBombay for 10 years, and was a professor of interactive desing at the Acedemy of Art University. Ketan brings immense experience in all faces of the business and can often be found working at ridiculous hours. He has been designing since he first made paper kites on the roofs of Bombay. 

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Last night’s event was insightful and valuable, bringing entrepreneurs and developers together.  There were a variety of important subjects within the mobile industry covered by a panel of successful entrepreneurs, who have carried their own mobile apps to the market.  Topics from: product development, pricing, looking for the best developers, international vs local, marketing and sales were all important discussions that triggered not only debate but further engagement with the audience.  

EFactor members who attended the event last night came from all parts of the country and the world: Russia, China, Los Angeles, New York and of course, here in San Francisco.  Attendees were very interested in pitching their ideas to experts on the panel, in the end, many got a chance to do so up and personal with the speakers.

This particular event was sponsored by AT&T Hackathon, who will host another event solely for developers on Saturday.  EFactor and AT&T will be taking this event series across the country.  Next stop: Boston, with Mass Challenge.  

Here's what EFactor member, Nik Kalyani, from Mountain View, said about last night's event: I attended the mobile event tonight and found it to be quite interesting. The panelists shared valuable real-world experiences related to the mobile app ecosystem and gave insightful responses to audience questions.  



Note on Pricing:

Regular Price - $15

Price at the door - $20

6:30pm - 7:00pm Pre-Event Networking Hour

7:00pm - 7:30pm Keynote Speaker

7:30pm - 8:30pm Panel Discussion

8:30pm - 9:00pm Audience Q&A

9:00pm - 9:30pm Post-Event Networking Hour

9:30pm Event ends


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