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EFactor presents: "What is your Investibility?"

So - you know you have the best idea for the best product out there, yet is seems so incredibly hard to convince those investors..., How DO you find funding for your brainwave?

Join CEO and VC finance consultant Ralph Patterson* at one of our infamous EFactor events, for an evening showcasing various methods of finding the funding you need. Ralph will share his unique approach to help entrepreneurs like you to find the funding they need to build that successful company.

Ralph Patterson has created his method based on years of experience in guiding companies to achieve their very best. Learn all about the essentials that will improve your odds. Don't go into the most important meeting of your life, that with your future investor, without the best weapons in hand. You will learn the basics right here, in one single evening.

Register, and bring your business plan to compare, contrast, and get positive criticism to ensure that you are on the right track.

*See Ralph's profile


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