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EFactor Presents: Mobile App Development

The new buzz word around town is mobile app. In 2010 mobile applications brought in $2.2 billion, which is expected to go up to $38 billion by 2015. That’s right…billion! Even more impressive is the fact that figure is up 160 percent from 2009! The mobile app industry is exploding right before our eyes! 

In this day and age of instant gratification it’s no longer a question of whether your business should have a mobile app or not. Businesses across the planet are creating mobile applications for consumers.  Add to that the fact that there are more people in the world who own cell phones than credit cards! If you don’t have one you may be leaving money on the table! 

Don’t get left behind! This is an event for business owners as well as for developers. In addition to learning from CEO’s and industry leaders from the mobile app industry, you’ll also get the chance to meet potential partners to help get your idea off the ground! 

Space is limited so don’t delay. To learn more about creating a BLOCKBUSTER mobile application, register now. All attendees will receive a FREE Iphone case by Speck!


Neil Cohen, Vice President/Marketing, Visage
Neil Cohen has more than has 30 years of experience creating, building and managing brands for start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, including SEGA, Hilton, Arby’s and McDonalds. Prior to Visage, Neil has been the principal of Cohen & Company, a San Francisco- based brand and marketing strategy firm that has done work for Yahoo!, Blue Shield, Friendster, San Francisco State University, SFO, Audience, Alibaba and more than 100 startups. Neil currently teaches Marketing at SF State University and previously taught at the University Of Southern California School Of University College of Business Journalism.

John E. Houghton, CEO and Founder of MobileCast Media Inc. Mobile development executive with experience developing iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) and Android applications. Extensive experience with internet technologies for building community supporting social media campaigns which lead to increased sales.

Ahsan Rizvi has been an entrepreneur for the past three years and has gone from focusing on developing physical products in his first venture, to virtual ones in his current endeavor. During his graduate studies, he got bit hard by the entrepreneurial bug and decided to start a fashion apparel business: Fulton Collective, which owned and operated a number of fashion clothing brands that were sold across the globe at independent and chain retailers. He is now CEO and founder of a more software based startup, , specifically in the Mobile Application development space.

Philip Clark, Exygy
Philip Clark is currently the Chief Creative Officer at Exygy, a custom web and mobile software company. Previously, he ran his own UX/UI consulting business, Impact Design. His clients included companies from Y Combinator, 500 startups, the City of San Francisco, and Harvard University.


NextSpace Union Square
NextSpace provides innovative physical and virtual infrastructure that freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creative class professionals need to succeed in the 21st century knowledge economy. In an increasingly disconnected world, NextSpace creates a collaborative community that is revolutionizing the nature of work. NextSpace Union Square is the newest location and is the first time two NextSpaces exist in one city! This event is the first official event held at the space.

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EFactor continued its tour of the west with an installation of its Mobile App Development series in San Francisco, California on September 27. The event was held at collaborative workspace NextSpace Union Square.
The Mobile App Development series touts the benefits of growing an interactive mobile platform for small brands and businesses. The event is for business owners and developers alike, offering them a chance to hear from CEOs and industry leaders  about this exciting new marketing and communication tool. San Francisco’s event featured four in-the-know speakers: Neil Cohen, John E. Houghton, Ahsan Rizvi and Philip Clark.
Neil Cohen is the Vice President of Marketing at Visage in San Francisco, and has more than 30 years of experience developing and administrating brands, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. He brought an important lesson to the audience at this event: His patented “Brand Equity 9” rule. Cohen’s theory is that if a marketing endeavor or product meets at least 80% of the items on the Brand Equity 9 list, it’s successful. He also warned that just having a mobile app won’t make a business successful – the app must be reflective of the company’s brand tone and personality, and must be functionally sound.
John E. Houghton is the CEO and Founder of MobileCast Media, Inc., and has lots of experience with Internet technologies for developing community-nurturing, sales-stimulating social media campaigns. He told the EFactor audience that the budget for mobile apps are rising, and with that budget is coming better, more effective apps. To build a loyal following, he advised, email marketing is a must.
As the Chief Creative Officer at Exygy, a custom web and mobile software company, Philip Clark is more than familiar with using the Internet as an interactive tool and not just a passive browser. Some companies, he enlightened the event attendees, favor mobile apps over websites as the number of smartphone users skyrockets. In order to make a good app, he continued, you have to know your users, and you must answer the question, “What problem are you solving with your app?”
Ahsan Rizvi is an entrepreneur, fashion mogul and the CEO and founder of a software-based startup. He spoke on the incredible reach a mobile app can have and reminded attendees that creating a good app takes more time than ever before, so business owners should have a good idea of how they’re planning on capturing and retaining their consumers’ attention.
Attendees were inspired by the collaborative environment of NextSpace, an innovative infrastructure that welcomes freelancers and entrepreneurs and revolutionizes community coworking. Refreshments were provided by O.N.E. Coconut drinks and attendees also received stylish leather iPhone cases from Speck.
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Note on Pricing:

Early Bird Special - $10 (Ends 3 weeks before event date, sign up early!)

Regular Price - $15

Price at the door - $20


6:30pm - 7:00pm Pre-Event Networking Session

7:00pm - 7:30pm Keynote Speaker

7:30pm - 8:00pm Panel Discussion

8:00pm - 8:30pm Audience Q&A

8:30pm - 9:00pm Post-Event Networking Session

9:00pm - Event ends 

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