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EFactor Presents: Need Funding? Start Here!

For most startups, funding is the crucial lifeline to make their idea, service or product come to light. But who do they turn to? Where does the initial round come from and how much should they ask for? These questions are often asked to no knowledge on where to seek answers. Join EFactor for the inside scoop on funding needs and what makes the most sense for your particular business. 

After attending, you’ll have insights on:  
● The benefits and limitations of each type of funding;
● How to determine the type of financing that is right for your company;
● The process of securing each type of funding;
● And much, much more!
These insights will help you make more informed decisions and open up new doors of opportunity for your start-up or existing enterprise!
Jed Cohen (Crowdfunding) Co-Founder & COO of RocketHub, The World’s Funding Machine. Through its global crowdfunding platform, RocketHub has helped 50,000+ people, in 1,500+ cities, in 150+ countries, to raise millions of dollars for campaigns that matter. RocketHub prides itself on offering the crowdfunding industry’s best education, service, and support.
Chris Tyrrell. Chris Tyrrell is the Managing Director of Right Strategies, an M&A and venture consulting firm and Manager of Nehemiah Investments, a family investment office -- both based in Princeton, NJ. A former Wall St. finance attorney, Chris is currently focused on M&A and venture strategies in impact investing and crowdfunding.
Amy Wenslow, Products to Profits, Inc. (early stage debt financing) International product expert Amy Wenslow teaches and implements the secrets to big business strategies for creating and marketing your product quickly, economically and profitably. With over 21 years of experience in product development and management of consumer goods, she has done business in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, India, the Czech Republic, Canada, USA. She has developed products for Beverly Hills Gold (QVC) for 3 years. Retail sales were just under $300 million dollars during that time. Wal-Mart placed a product launch order valued at $1,785,435.00 in 2006.
Jonathan Miller (Equity funding)
President and CEO, Paramount Financial Communications, Inc. Past President and CEO, StockTrans, Inc.
Jonathan is the founder and CEO of Paramount Financial Communications, Inc. D/B/A Plan Management Corp, a full service administrator of securities-based incentive plans and the developer and licensor of the OptionTrax® securities-based incentive plan self-administration web-based software application and InvestmenTrax, a securities-issued tracking application for small private and public companies. Plan Management Corp. was established in 1994.
Scott E. McIntyre, Managing Director, Phabriq Development.
Dubbed a Venture Catalyst by clients and colleagues, and backed by a distinguished group of advisors, Scott has been a thought leader on the Internet's impact in business and culture for nearly 20 years. Following his term as a Princeton Consultant, and having participated in numerous California Venture Capital associations, Scott has been known for integrating innovative marketing strategies into new business models across industries from Education to Automotive to Entertainment, attending clients of varying size from Blue Chip to Main Street. 
Scott presently serves as Managing Director of Phabriq Development, a hybrid strategy and capital services firm with a record of producing award-winning interactive media, and is currently developing Crowdfunding strategies for higher education in partnership with CrowdfundingCampuses(dot)com.
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On November 8th, EFactor rolled into Philadelphia for the Need Funding? Start Here! Event. Hosted at Benjamin's Desk, Philadelphia's Premier Shared Office and Co-working Space for Professionals, attendees enjoyed drinks provided by Google +Local as speakers gave useful insight.
Our Rockstar panel of speakers included:
  • Jed Cohen, (Crowdfunding) Co-Founder & COO of RocketHub, The World’s Funding Machine.
  • Chris Tyrrell, Chris Tyrrell is the Managing Director of Right Strategies, an M&A and venture consulting firm and Manager of Nehemiah Investments, a family investment office
  • Amy Wenslow, Products to Profits, Inc. (early stage debt financing) International product expert
  • Jonathan Miller, President and CEO, Paramount Financial Communications, Inc.
  • Scott E. McIntyre, Managing Director, Phabriq Development.
The evening shared helpful tips and advice for attendees to utilize within their own business ventures. From what to do in the beginning stages to investor presentations, the speakers covered every step of the funding process. Missed the event? Don’t worry we have you covered below.
No idea on where to begin with finding funding for your company? Speaker Scott McIntyre suggested doing some research on your competition and finding out how they secured funding. After analyzing the market you will be able to understand how to differentiate your plan from those that are already in existence.
Once your business plan is constructed the next step should be pitching to investors. While Maveric Angels is a great resource speaker Jed Cohen also stated, “ A Pitch Deck is great way to get into the door, but be sure not to give them a full business plan up front." If such sites aren’t beneficial don’t stop trying. “Do not take luck lightly - it’s a really important thing. "Opportunity is everywhere, everyday,” stated McIntyre.
Finally, when preparing your investor pitch, Amy Wenslow wanted attendees to remember, “Attention spans have decreased from 9 minutes down to 6 minutes so get your message as concise as possible." 
Chris Tyrrell, provided the 30 minute rule. He stressed the importance of keeping your presentation simple showcasing 10 slides in 30 minutes. Wenslow suggested always using something visual to hand out to the investor. It needs to contain something visual, kinastetic and auditory. While presenting remember to be passionate about your material and investors will follow suit.
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7:30pm - 8:00pm Panel Discussion

8:00pm - 8:30pm Audience Q&A

8:30pm - 9:00pm Post-Event Networking Session

9:30pm - Event ends

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