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EFactor Presents: Explore International Markets

EFactor Presents: Explore International Markets 

Booming economies in rapidly developing countries provide great opportunities to expand your business! Consumers in many countries are showing a desire for innovative new products. And, with many local markets becoming saturated or stagnated by recessionary events, more companies are looking farther afield at markets that will sustain their businesses. Before you jump into the global marketplace, you must develop a comprehensive strategy that facilities and maximizes the potential growth you can experience in these international markets.

Join us for this highly educational event, which will help both aspiring and established entrepreneurs introduce their idea or product to new international markets. The panel of experts, including international business experts like Dolf de Roos and SBA lender Sue Malone, will offer practical advice on:

  • How to assess product demand in international markets;
  • Factors to consider when selecting a new country for business expansion;
  • How to find trustworthy local partners;
  • Where to locate funding for international expansion; and
  • So much more!

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About the speakers:

Sue Malone is small business advocate for all 50 states and founder of Strategies For Small Business. Her sole mission for the last five years has been to help people obtain access to capital to start or expand their businesses. In doing so, one of her specialties has been small business startups loans. She is #1 in the Nation (by number of loans) for the SBA Community Express (non-veterans) and Patriot Express (veterans and their spouses) Loan Programs—unsecured loans between 5K and 25K at the current rate of 7.75% or $60/month for every $5,000 borrowed. Answers are with 48 hours with funding in approximately 10 days, due to the fact that financials or tax returns are not required. As of May of 2010, she is responsible for closing over 27,000 of these much needed loans.  


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Last Wednesday, April 25th at 5 PM, the first EFactor event was held in Scottsdale, Arizona. The title of the event was "Export Your Success" and the theme was how to bring your business to the international markets and fund that initiative. The event was held at the Scottsdale International Auto Museum (,  a beautiful facility filled with millions of dollars of classic and antique automobiles, complete with an event facility in the middle of these gleaming machines.
Attendees sampled refreshments from one of the sponsors of the event and networked priot to the program's start. After around 45 minutes of networking, Peter J. Burns, III called the meeting to order and introduced himself and Factor to the audience. He then introduced a couple of trade sponsors such as Mojo Video Marketing and CEO Space, who had provided some of the refreshments to the group. Next, Burns introduced the evening's speakers.
The featured guest speakers were Dr. Dolf de Roos, noted author, speaker and international businessman and Sue Malone, the country's largest small business lender. Dr. de Roos took the stage first and in a stimulating performance he shared examples of his world travel with businesspeople from the U.S. visiting such far off destinations as Singapore, South Africa, Japan and China. Dr. de Roos shared his successful experiences in introducing American businesspeople to his many international contacts and the resulting business that was generated. He then introduced his new program, featured in his new site,, in which he would be taking individuals seeking to expand overseas on three upcoming trips to Japan, Sweden and Italy.
The crowd of over 60 was very receptive to Dr. de Roos' content. A lively Q&A session followed. Guests included local entrepreneurs in the technology field, small manufacturers, members of the local Swiss American Chamber of Commerce, a transactional attorney from a prominent firm, a trio visiting from South Africa and a member of the staff at the Thunderbird International School of Business. Five of the members of the audience requested additional information from Dr. de Roos and scheduled appointments to discuss his future business trips.
A break to enjoy the enjoy the refreshments provided as well as to network preceded the next speaker. Sue Malone of Strategies for Small For Small Business ( began her talk about the different types of SBA financing programs that she offered and specifically spoke of the Export Program. She gave many examples of the different types of businesses she has funded over the past 6-7 years and shared how many of these businesses fared after receiving the funding they needed to either start of expand. She explained how the U.S. sought to even out the trade imbalance by stimulating exports through such programs that she was advocating. She also explained that because of the nature of Dr. de Roos' international business trip program, she could fund interested parties that wished to be included on one of those scheduled tours.
Due to the nature of Sue's offerings, funding small business, there was a very active Q&A to follow her talk and she fielded numerous questions regarding the Export Program as well as other programs, such as the Patriot Express Loan, geared for Veterans and other funding programs and their requirements.
The evening continued until well after 9 PM with pockets of entrepreneurs networking with each other and those gathering around each speaker to discuss their particular questions.




Note on Pricing:

Early Bird Special - $10 (Ends 3 weeks before event date, sign up early!)

Regular Price - $15

Price at the door - $20


5:00pm - 5:30pm Pre-Event Networking 

5:30pm - 6:10pm Keynote Speaker

6:10pm - 7:00pm Panel Discussion

7:00pm - 7:20pm Audience Q&A

7:20pm - 8:00pm Post-Event Networking Hour

8:00pm - Event ends 

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