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David Drake is the founder and Chairman of LDJ Capital in New York City and has been involved in technology media and telecom (TMT), realty, mineral & energy, clean tech and impact investments for over 20 years. Mr. Drake is also the founder of The Soho Loft Capital Creation Series covering the Private Company Marketplace and and a founding board member of Crowd Funding Intermediary Regulatory Advocates (CFIRA).

Mr. Drake’s proclivity toward energy, efficiency and impact investments interleaves directly with the TMT investment strategies, family office clients of LDJ Capital, and the Private Company Marketplace.



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Board Advisor Wonder Animation Inc Formerly Midland Production Corp., Wonder Animation produces stereoscopic 3D animated Family films. 05/01/2012 current
Board Advisor TripBNB TripBnB is an exciting alternative to current travel websites. It offers travelers a greater opportunity to find travel accommodations compatible with their personal specifications and budget. TripBnB’s infrastructure has been designed by a team of savvy travel and business experts who understand that successful travel plans somewhat depend upon the place you stay, location and the people you meet. TripBnB will fast become the “World's Most Social Way to Travel”. Trips will not be left to chance but to the people who can make better decisions about their accommodation choices. 04/01/2012 current
Board Advisor Sky Rank Access up to 50 data fields and 12 SkyRank Ratings on over 7,000 funds using Morningstar data. SkyRank, Patent #7,536,333, is a simple, transparent hedge fund rating methodology rewarding established funds that deliver high risk-adjusted returns. Our deeper level rating, SkyRank Certification, allows funds, commodity platforms and fund of funds to display their level of transparency and liquidity to the market. Utilizing our proprietary database and external databases, such as Morningstar, we currently rate over 10,000 hedge funds, funds of funds and commodity trading advisors. 04/01/2012 current
Co-Founder and Executive Committee Board Member Crowdfunding Professional Association The Crowdfunding Professional Association (CfPA) is dedicated to facilitating a vibrant, credible and growing crowdfunding community. CfPA brings together the many voices behind this historic breakthrough in capital creation. The CfPA is committed to defending your right to crowd fund. Let your voice be heard. Join the CfPA today. CfPA serves students, entrepreneurs, business owners, investors and crowdfunding platforms seeking professionalism in this industry and to help ensure the crowdfunding industry continues to develop in a responsible, transparent and credible manner. CfPA represents a highly organized team of professionals nationally and globally who not only comprehend the issues and opportunities related to securing funding, but also understand how to best protect entrepreneurs and investors. A commitment to the highest ethical standards will enable crowdfunding to expand and continue to thrive into a robust industry. 04/01/2012 current
Investor Broad Spectrum Technologies A global online marketing and distribution channel company. 04/01/2012 current
Board Advisor PRIMARQ PRIMARQ is the next generation of residential real estate finance. For decades, the pursuit of the American Dream of home ownership has largely been facilitated by borrowing significant funds from banks and other lending institutions. Over the last five years, we have all seen the challenges and the damage done from excessive leverage to home buyers and owners, financial institutions and even the federal government. We, at PRIMARQ, believe that the method of financing a home purchase or accessing the equity in the home is in need of change. In response, we have developed a new capital exchange, where global accredited investors invest equity capital alongside home buyers in their purchase of homes as well as provide existing home owners a new avenue to monetize their equity by selling a portion of their residence. With transactions known as “equity sharing,” our market is a comprehensive system that enables private investors to provide funding to buyers and owners in exchange for an ownership interest in the home, rather than lending money against the current value and requiring monthly payments. The investor is motivated by the potential appreciation in value. 03/01/2012 current
Board Advisor GLX - The Global Listing Exchange GLX is a global financial-media network that owns and operates its branded specialty divisions and manages its strategic network partnerships. GLX is expanding its interlinking portfolio of Web properties to create a social network that bridges the world’s financial markets and investment communities. Collectively, its sites provide a unique array of news and data on the world’s capital markets and economies. The GLX team provides interactive advertising, conference and event coordination, digital IR/PR, journalism, market intelligence, media/marketing, news dissemination, research, video production and ancillary specialty communications services to publicly traded companies worldwide. 03/01/2012 current
Founding Board Member Crowd Funding Intermediate Regulatory Advocates Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates, or CFIRA, was established following the signing of the Jumpstart Our Business Startups (JOBS) Act. CFIRA is an organization formed by the crowdfunding industry’s leading platforms and experts. The group will work with the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and other affected governmental and quasi-governmental entities to help establish industry standards and best practices. For more information, visit www.CFIRA.org. 03/01/2012 current
Board Advisor Fund All Be All Fund All, Be All is a management consultancy and marketing strategy for communities of start-ups and small businesses that wish to raise capital and awareness via crowdfunding. 01/01/2012 current
Board Advisor MediaShares MediaShares holds an Issued U.S. Patent for the new Social Media IPO and licenses its methodology, system and software to companies that raise capital on their own Websites or Facebook page, through SEC-compliant online securities offerings. 12/01/2011 current
Board Advisor BMP South American focused factoring fund with $90 Million assets under management and 16,000 customers. 10/01/2011 current
Managing Partner New Atlantic Fund of Fund World's first global green realty fund-of-fund starting at $500 million. An open-ended evergreen fund with fund-of-fund partners with twenty years history outperforming current and past markets. We will cross pollinate best-in-class practices and our 'green' practices to offer institutions such as insurance and banking clients, sovereign wealth funds as well as endowment and pension funds a structured, underwritten sustainable realty fund investment strategy. It starts with our sustainable underwriting capacity. 06/01/2010 current
Investor Quad Strategies Energy Oil and gas exploration and energy project financing in the US from Texas to West Virginia. Current project is focused on bridge financing crude oil re-work wells with production and to finance new in-field drilling. We also look at alternative energy projects in the US and commodity grain procurement from South America. 12/01/2007 current
Chairman LDJ Capital A private investment and equity firm with worldwide capital access. Our investments include energy, consumer products, hospitality, media and green technology from wind and solar energy to project financing of retrofit buildings and renewable energy. We are in 2011 expanding the TMT division and our division of Middle East infrastructure and mining advisory work in Oman, UAE, Bahrain, Saudi, Jordan and Qatar. In addition, we also have a VC division focused on content, rich media content, advertising platforms and ecommerce channel and sales distribution. We hold several board positions advising high growth late and early stage firms. We also have a division focused on PIPEs. 01/01/2005 current
Managing Partner The Soho Loft The SoHo Loft Capital Creation ("TSL CC") Event Series is a global event platform aimed at enhancing capital formation and fostering the growth of private company marketplace, also known the secondary markets. Our events provide an unparalleled opportunity for the global investing community to learn more about the rapidly expanding marketplace for private company stock and the crucial role this marketplace is playing in enhancing capital formation as well as meet senior executives of this market’s potential bellwether companies. TSL is the leading adviser globally for private companies, their liquidity strategies and the platforms evolving. We are advocates and strategists for the new 'Nasdaq' we see developing. We work closely with our sponsors and their work with congress and sub-committees reviewing the "500" rule for privat ecompanies.We are working for a fall 2011 congressional vote to amend the 1934 SEC 500 rule. Schedules of monthly events with Dubai/Abu Dhabi in November coinciding with Formula One and Ft Lauderdale Thursday Dec. 1st coincides with the opening weekend of Art Basel in Miami can be found at The Soho Loft website. We have a very stringent attendance list of 50 guests and only invite high net worth investors, CIOs of investors, merchant banks, hedge fund managers, VCs, private equity firms, family offices, sovereign wealth funds and secondary stock buyers/specialists. The original Soho Loft, a 4,000 square foot multi-million dollar luxury loft was situated in the heart of Soho and was the home to David Drake, a venture capitalist and seasoned networker, during the first part of the 21st Century. The Soho Loft hosted over a thousand cocktails, dinners and networking events for businesses, charities and individuals. More than 15,000 people, including socialites, celebrities, royalties and aristocrats, came from all corners of the globe to mingle at David's intimate home. 09/01/2000 current
Managing Partner NCC NCC is a merchant bank raising capital for funds with the mandate to pursue energy efficiency investments. We are principals in these funds, including, but not limited to: Infrastructure funds having alternative energy focused sub-stations with adjacent data centers and a US and European $200M project financing fund for ESCOs targeting existing real estate. Alternative energy micro-utilities are integral to our strategies. We have heavy industrial energy efficiency firms focused on steel mills and cement manufacturing we advise. We look at green field, brown field and retrofitting opportunities and advise European, Asian and Middle Eastern investor groups. A global realty fund-of-fund manager is our European partner. Our Greening Edge 'best-in-class' engineering, MEP and retrofit ESCOs and sustainable energy efficiency expertise reach as far as the attention of the White House. We work with 10 of the larger family offices and sovereign wealth funds in the Middle East. 04/01/2010 06/01/2011
Board Director Opin Partners CMBS Vulture Fund Vulture Fund of distressed CMBS fixed income securities. We hold distressed securitized collaterized mortgage backed securities to maturity. We deliver execution due to a 5 star team with 60 years of fixed income underwriting, origination an execution experience. Our team has and is doing work at and with firms at GE and Deutsche Bank. We acquire CMBS at 80% discount and we can! 06/01/2008 12/01/2010
Investor Prestige Luxury Events Media venture investments for Prestige Magazine worldwide. Our focus are luxury travel, once in a life time travels, sponsorships for the Prestige brand, Oscar and Cannes events promotion, online strategy and corporate profiling and event planning. April 2011 Prestige will host the Gala Dinner for the Indonesian Infrastructure conference in Jakarta. 1500 guests will dine with 20 Ministers of Economy throughout South East Asia. It is the largest Infrastructure conference in South East Asia for the last 3 years and Prestige will be the Media Sponsor along side CNBC and the Herald Tribune. We welcome opportunities in luxury travel, media and all other opportunities. High net worth focused unique event planning for Prestige Magazine and focused travel planning for the hyper wealthy and their families. Events are collaborated with the luxury products of the world and experiences that are unique and intimate. Individual attendance starts at $30,000 and up for a handful exclusive events offered to a handful guests from current Prestige markets. Events range from, but are not limited to, Cannes and the Oscars with intimate celebrity dinners, private concerts for 20 with top performers in the world as well as travel getaways with personal weekend interaction of 10 guests with a famous finance mogul 03/01/2008 06/01/2010
Board Director LDJ Film Finance Group Our focus is on film financing, international distribution and work with 7 film funds. The partners have 50 years experience in international distribution and we focus on theatrical releases. Each project must have at least one A-class celebrity attached. Main fund of $225 million will look at slates of movies - preferrably backed by one producer - as well as individual projects with international attractiveness between $5 million to $25 million per project. 12/01/2007 07/01/2009
Board Director CR Media USA Luxury magazine publishing entity with Prestige Magazine, August Men, Luxx Jewelry and Tic Talk Watches titles. Closed circulation with 300,000 readers in 6 countries. 100% revenue generated from advertising of top 1000 luxury brands worldwide. Number one leading luxury magazine in every country. Magazine issues and subscription cannot be bought. Comp subscription to hand selected entrepreneurs, hyper wealthy individuals and families of $20 million to $1 billion net worth. 04/01/2007 05/01/2010




LDJ Capital

LDJ Capital consists of advisory services in energy, infrastructure, real estate and internet media. We have six divisions

Real Estate Holdings
Energy Holdings
Investment Banking and Services
LDJ Venture Holdings
LDJ Venture Partners
Fund Advisory

We have a vast expertise in business development and substantial access to capital markets. We are currently focused on companies and assets in the luxury, real estate and internet technology industries. Through the global networks of our principals and advisors, we have access to a wide range of both equity and debt capital sources. We often partner with groups of investors and operators - Please contact us to discuss this in more detail.

In addition to an expanding roster of funding sources, our vast network of entrepreneurial and managerial relationships has provided our clients with world class resources to drive growth, brand exposure, and value.

With decades of collective experience advising, operating, and investing in a wide range of businesses, we seek to partner with experienced management teams, leverage our network of contacts, and create sustainable sources of value for our clients and portfolio companies.

Expertise Investment And Financial Planning
Country United States
Industries Investment, Consulting, Financial Services, Asset Management
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The Soho Loft Capital Creation Events

The Soho Loft now brings Corporate Strategy and Reputation Management solutions to firms that are visionaries and early adopters of legislative reform in the capital markets.
The Soho Loft is a thought leader in new areas of capital formation. Our expertise and activism within the JOBS Act reform and establishing a platform for the discussion at our events, allows companies and our participants to leverage each other and develop an ecosystem for onramp IPO, Reg A+, crowd funding, Reg D 506 and policy development abroad.
Through our Corporate Strategy Solutions, we believe it is pertinent to position your company utilizing best practices in stakeholder communications. In addition to the SoHo Loft Capital Creation events, panel and speaker opportunities, press and media, we can execute strategic communications to your prospects, clients, shareholders, investors, media and employees. Communicating to these constituents is vital to a company’s brand and reputation. We can provide the platform and communications solutions that create longevity for your messaging through our communications platform.

Expertise Business Development
Country United States
Industries Business Development, Business Development, Business Development, Business Development, Business Development, Business Development, Business Development, Business Development, Business Development, Business Services, Business Services, Business Services, Business Services, Business Services, Business Services, Business Services, Business Services, Business Services, Financial Services, Financial Services, Financial Services, Financial Services, Financial Services, Financial Services, Financial Services, Financial Services, Financial Services, Consulting, Consulting, Consulting, Consulting, Consulting, Consulting, Consulting, Consulting, Consulting
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