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Being CEO of EFactor brings great challenges every day, but it is the best challenge I have ever had. Entrepreneurship is my passion and I hope that what we deliver can help other entrepreneurs prevent some of the mistakes I made in the past and support them to achieve their very best.



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1 years of experience in the Business Development industry

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Business Consulting - Information Technology


Member RvC of MT Comapany,

Title Company Responsibilities Date Start Date Depart
Board Member Kelley School of Business, University of Indiana 08/01/2008 current
Executive EFACTOR 03/01/2007 current
advisor VoBesoft ERP software 02/06/2015 02/07/2015
member RvC MTcompany speed reading software 10/01/2014 02/07/2015
ceo Plus Integration 12/01/1999 12/01/2001
chairman Plus Integration Software Solutions, Bloomfield, NJ 12/01/1998 12/01/2000
Chairman of the Board Residex venture fund , specialised in Technology and Life science 01/07/1997 07/12/1999
director HCS Technology 12/01/1996 12/01/1997
board member BT Syntegra 12/01/1995 12/01/2000
board member Syntegra 12/01/1995 12/01/1999
president rijnhaave 12/01/1988 12/01/1995
CEO Rijnhaave Office Automation BV 12/01/1988 12/01/1995
ceo Microlife USA 12/01/1984 12/01/1986
ceo Microlife/HCS/Interact/Rijnhaave 12/01/1974 12/01/1995
president microlife 12/01/1974 12/01/1986



I can help you with Advice On starting up businesses, fundraising, sales and marketing, branding and my partiicular strength: exit strategy.




As an Entrepreneur, your journey is never ending. No matter what stage you’re at, there is always someone further along, someone who’s facing the same challenges, and someone who is following in your path. EFactor enables you to connect with fellow Entrepreneurs around the world and gives you the proven tools to help grow your business, making the journey a lot less daunting and a lot more rewarding. Allowing you to fully focus on getting the most out of your promising business.

Expertise Consulting - Information Technology
Country United States
Industries Social Networking, Social Networking, Internet Software & Services, Internet Software & Services
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N Factor

The book that started it all.... N-Factor is all about how to use networking to change the dynamics of your business. Still for sale at Barnes & Nobles, Amazon and Borders, it has done well in sales globally.
The next book, EFactor is due out in June 2011

Expertise Business Services - Document Mgmt/Destruction
Country Netherlands
Industries Social Networking
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The E-Factor

This is Adrie and my second book - this time specifically about how entrepreneurs like ourselves can use social media to their advantage

Expertise Books
Country United States
Industries Publishing
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EFactor Group Corp.

The world's largest niche social network for entrepreneurs is at the core of the EFactor Group. We operate, as a social network whose members are business owners and founders participating in a network dedicated to the specific requirements of entrepreneurs. With over one million members we are present in all 195 countries listed by the United Nations and representing 240 industries. The company's marketing efforts focus on the 5 core territories: US, UK, China, India and the Netherlands. The Group also has various subsidiary service organizations, including a U.K. communications and public relations agency and a US based company that that provides working professionals 24/7 access to a custom-matched mentor, a global cross-industry peer community, and repositories of knowledge to empower high performance in the workplace and business.

Expertise Consulting - Business/Management/Strategy
Country United States
Industries Business Services
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