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Jim has started businesses and has taught entrepreneurship around the world and is excited to be speaking in India in the next 3 months. He recently launched two new radio shows, Restaurant Owner Radio and School for Startups Radio, both on Business Radio X.

Jim received his Japanese MBA from the University of Hawaii in December 1992. He received the Fujitsu Scholarship, was a member of Beta Gamma Sigma, and was awarded Highest Honors.

He worked for the Japanese government trade office (JETRO) where he helped American companies export to Japan and The Coca-Cola Company, Japan.

At the age of 25, Jim started the American Computer Experience and grew the company with no capital infusion to $12 million in annual revenue and to over 700 employees. The company was the world’s largest technology training company for children, and enjoyed tie-ins with Microsoft, Intel, Lego, NASA, and many others. In 2000, Jim closed two rounds of funding, one for $2.4 million and another for $6.4 million. He appeared on NPR, MBNBC, CNN, and in the New York Times.

From 2001 to 2009, Jim taught at Georgia State University, focusing on international entrepreneurship, risk avoidance, creativity, and internet marketing skills. In several classes, he started real import/export firms, for example TimelessChair.com

In 2009, Jim founded www.SchoolforStartups.com. He is Executive Director of www.InternationalEntrepreneurship.com. Jim has presented for or on behalf of Wells Fargo, Toshiba, UPS, SunTrust and others.

Along with co-authors, Jim wrote School for Startups,published by McGraw-Hill in June 2011. It reached as high as number 9 on Amazon's business section. Promoting the book, he has done over 100 radio interviews, was featured in a UPS commercial, was referred to as the Simon Cowell of venture capital by CNN, and was excerpted by Entrepreneur magazine and the Wall Street Journal India.


Radio Host, McGraw-Hill Author, Business Owner

I have started businesses and have taught entrepreneurship around the world and am excited to be speaking in India and Algeria in the next 3 months. I recently launched two new radio shows, Restaurant Owner Radio and School for Startups Radio, both on Business Radio X.

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Title Company Responsibilities Date Start Date Depart
Author School for Startups published by McGraw-Hill 10/31/2012 10/31/2012
Visiting Instructor Georgia State University Taught International Entrepreneurship and International Business to Undergraduates, MBA and EMBA students. 10/31/2012 10/31/2012
CEO and co-Founder American Computer Experience Nation's largest children's technology education company. 01/01/1994 01/01/2001
Research Assistant Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) 01/01/1989 01/01/1991




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Restaurant Owner Radio is dedicated to making owners and their restaurants look great. We tell your their story in a upbeat format, designed to highlight why they are special. We also love to hear stories of how you got started, the biggest mistake you ever made, and how to grow your group. To great dining experiences!

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