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I am looking for qualified investors for two investment funds focusing on growing the chocolate industry. I am looking for $5-10 million for the first one (minimum investment $500k), and $20-50 for the second (minimum investment $1,000,000). First fund is low-risk with a focus on helping established companies in the US grow. Second fund is higher risk focusing on mixed-use agricultural projects in cacao-growing countries.


My core competency is explaining highly complex technical subjects in understandable ways to widely varying audiences. I am a gifted communicator (words, still images, and video) and public/motivational speaker.

I graduated with a BFA in Photography from the Rhode Island School of Design. Within months I joined my first high-tech startup working on the design, development, testing, sales, training, and support of PC-based computer graphics applications.

I have used the skills I learned to support myself as a consultant throughout my career.

I joined the first HDTV production company in the US in 1991. This experience lead to co-producing a series of training classes in HDTV production for broadcast professionals which led to the publication of my first book, "High Definition Video Production: Preparing for a Widescreen World" (Focal Press, 1995).

In 1994, I decided to become the world's first professional chocolate critic. In 2001, I started publishing the Internet's first full-time professional chocolate blog. 2007 witnessed the publication of Discover Chocolate, and shortly thereafter I launched TheChocolateLife.com an on-line community.

My media CV includes appearances on Oprah, Food Network, History Channel, and Discovery Channel; on Martha Stewart Living Radio; and the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Dessert Professional, The Robb Report. My chocolate activities take me around the world and in November 2010 I was an invited speaker at the 2nd Congreso Internacional de Cacaos Finos y de Aroma en la Region Andina, held in La Paz, Bolivia.

My current consulting focus is the use of social media, product sourcing, and marketing communications in the specialty foods industry. As a motivational speaker I use "The Chocolate Life" as a metaphor for connecting with one's true inner passion and using that connection to drive personal and professional growth and to inspire The Chocolate Life in others.

Creative thinker, Story teller, Editor, Writer, Photographer, Videographer, Public speaker, Motivational speaker

Finalist -- Technical/Reference category, 2008 IACP (International Association of Culinary Professionals) Cookbook of the Year Awards
Named inventor on 4 granted patents in information retrieval



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1 years of experience in the Food & Beverages industry

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Title Company Responsibilities Date Start Date Depart
Founder, Chief Everything Officer TheChocolateLife.com TheChocolateLife is the one of the largest and most active on-line communities for chocolate in the world. As of September, 2012, there were over 6400 members in more than 140 countries. 12/01/1998 current
Advisor NOLOH LLC NOLOH is a lightweight, on-demand, object oriented Web application development platform. It is ideal for developing feature-rich web sites and web applications faster and with fewer resources. NOLOH extends PHP 5.1+, eliminates the need for HTML and JavaScript, and builds in many advanced features such as codeless AJAX, automatic SEO and a full suite of UI controls. 01/01/2005 11/01/2010
CTO / CIO Heck.com LLC Oversee the development of the technological infrastructure and content development systems for a new directory startup. 08/01/2001 07/01/2002
Founder, Chief Everything Officer WebWideGuides, Inc WebWideGuides (WWGI) provides a range of strategic and tactical planning and development services to its clients (including startups and Fortune 500 companies) based on over 25 years' experience in small and startup companies in the fields of computer graphics, interactive multimedia, high definition television, and the Internet. My primary expertise is helping companies understand technology choices and the impact that existing and new technologies will have on product development plans. I am most at home working with small groups of developers and designers with less industry experience than I have, bringing my experience to bear on development projects to help management maximize their R&D investments. I am a named inventor on four patents with Enfish, Inc in the field of information management and retrieval and the named inventor on one pending patent with NOLOH LLC for a novel method of developing and deploying Rich Internet Applications. 12/01/1998 12/01/2011
Co-Founder, Technical / Creative Director Winstar Interactive Media Sales Provide technical and creative support to sales staff and clients of a pioneering interactive advertising sales company. 03/01/1996 04/01/1998
Co-Founder Enfish Technology Enfish developed a desktop information management app for Windows called Enfish, which comes from Enter, Find, and Share. As one of the co-founders, many of the ideas expressed in early versions of the software were co-developed by me. I left the company in 1995 although the company continued to exist until 2004 when its assets were sold. 09/01/1994 06/01/1995
Director of Advanced Development REBO Studio REBO Studio was the first HDTV production company in the US. As Director for Advanced Development I was involved in the development and marketing of video production technology that REBO developed for markets other than video production. The company's flagship product was the ReStore, a Macintosh-compatible 32-bit (RGBA) dual-buffer framestore. Just after leaving REBO I was hired to produce a training curriculum for video professionals from Taiwan that led to the publishing in 1995 of the book (written and produced by me) "The Guide to High Definition Video Production - Preparing for a Widescreen World." 01/01/1991 12/01/1992
Consultant Self-employed Consulting clients included Genigraphics Corporation, InterConsult Inc., IBM, Agfa Matrix, Belser Knowledge Industries, Edwin Schlossberg Inc., and Silicon Graphics, among others. Projects included formal market research studies, whitepaper research and writing, writing handbooks, software design and development, project management, interactive videodisc development, and interactive place-based media development, among 02/01/1988 02/01/1996
Various Artronics Participated in the development, marketing, and sales of PC-based systems for business graphics, video production, and 3D modeling and animation. 10/01/1983 02/01/1988