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by Scott Duffy

Special Deal: The Critical 90-Days from Idea to Market


We're thrilled to provide our members with the opportunity to directly learn from a successful and widely known entrepreneur. Scott Duffy is a an author, speaker, angel investor and consultant --- and EFactor partner! He started his career working with international bestselling author Tony Robbins and went on to work for big media brands like CBS Sportsline, NBC Internet and The last company Scott started was acquired by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. 

Scott's new book, LAUNCH!, is a road map for business leaders looking to launch and grow new businesses, products and services.  

 For the purchase of his book LAUNCH! (only $18) he's included a generous and exclusive bundle for EFactor members valued at $3,500!!!

   As an EFactor member, here is what you will receive:

• Free Access to 12- Week Launch Course (value of $1,997) 

• Raising Capital (value of $997) 

• PLUS  Exclusive Bonus for EFactor Members (Value of $597 – The EFactor Mentorship Series presented by Scott Duffy

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What you get

Exclusive to EFactor Members:  

Purchase Launch! The Critical 90-days from Idea to Market receive an exclusive course package value of $3,500! 


  • Free Access to 12- Week Launch Course (value of $1,997
  • Raising Capital (value of $997) 
  • PLUS  Exclusive Bonus for EFactor Members (Value of $597) – The EFactor Mentorship Series presented by Scott Duffy- 5 Keys to launching a Successful Business 

 Deal EXCLUSIVE to EFactor Members

$3,500 Free

With the small purchase of $18 you are getting and absolute GIFT of $3,591 Included. Here's more details on what you're really getting! (It's amazing!)

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12 Week Launch Course ($1,997) - FREE FOR EFACTOR MEMBERS WITH 


  • Pre-Launch Checklist. This includes how to dream big, let go of fear, manage your personal finances, your personal relationships, create the right environment for success, develop your personal brand, and tips for managing through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.
  • Assemble Your Resources: How to create a plan that sells, build an all star team, develop an awesome culture, raise the capital you need to succeed.
  • Blast Off!: How to identify your target customer, build you minimum viable product and go to market, building distribution, market, leverage social media and develop a buyer blueprint.
  • What Comes Next: How to evaluate result, prepare for the next phase of the business, what to do if things go sideways and how to give back. 

 The Entrepreneurs Guide To Raising Capital ($997) - FREE FOR EFACTOR MEMBERS WITH PURCHASE OF THE BOOK LAUNCH!

This four part webinar series spells out the fastest way to get started building your resources and raising the capital your company needs. Scott shares his lessons from both sides of the table. Raising capital for his own ventures and investing his own capital in others. During this program you will learn the most effective ways to protect your personal bank account, bootstrap to gain access to the resources you need, and close outside investors to meet your company's financial needs.

  • How to bootstrap and long as possible without raising outside capital 
  • How to raise outside capital including which investors to target and why 
  • How to contact and engage your prospective investors 
  •  What to say and what not to say to potential investors 
  • What materials you need to prepare and when you need to deliver them 
  • How to keep moving prospects through the evaluation cycle 
  •  How to get investors to say “yes.”

Exclusive Bonus For EFactor Members. The EFactor Mentorship Series presented by Scott Duffy ($597) - FREE FOR EFACTOR MEMBERS WITH PURCHASE OF THE BOOK LAUNCH!!

This four part webinar series is a group of interviews with some of the most successful entrepreneurs and innovators of our time. They will give you an open, honest, behind the scenes look at how the most successful entrepreneurs build great companies in any market.

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