EFactor Presents: Round Table Business Ethics

Business Ethics is a course that’s usually taught in college and is supposed to be carried on with you through the rest of your business life. Gather round the table for a refresher course on the rights and wrongs of business. Food and drinks will be provided!


Daniel DeWolf. Daniel is a Member in the Corporate & Securities Section in the New York office and Co-chair of the Venture Capital & Emerging Companies Practice Group. He is also a Member of the Sports & Entertainment Practice Group. Daniel brings a unique blend of talent and expertise to our venture capital and emerging companies practice. In addition to his active legal practice, he is an Adjunct Professor of Law at the NYU Law School and he has a wealth of experience as an active venture capital investor, having co-founded Dawntreader Ventures, an early stage venture capital firm based in New York. Daniel is also the Co-Editor of Venture Capital: Forms and Analysis, a leading treatise on venture capital published by the Law Journal Press. In addition to venture capital, his practice focuses on private equity funds, representing venture-backed companies, corporate governance, and general corporate law.
Elisa Balabram is a Business and Self-Love Coach, Speaker and the Author of Ask Others, Trust Yourself: The Entrepreneurial Woman's Key to Success. She was the director of the SBA Women’s Business Center at Hunts Point EDC for three years and at the LDC of East New York for five years. Through one-on-one business coaching, workshops and long-term training, she has assisted aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners with starting businesses, writing business plans, securing loans, winning business plan competitions, developing and executing marketing and sales strategies, hiring and managing employees, and with growing their businesses.
Rick Elbanna, Business Broker. Rick Elbanna has over 35 years experience in providing technical consulting and business services to a wide spectrum of industries. Rick has worked with closely held businesses in the areas of sales, accounting, financial modeling and analysis, custom application development, custom spreadsheet and database modeling, internet solutions development, and insurance premium auditing.
Oz Sultan has over 15 years experience in Management Consulting, Marketing and Technology projects. Among some of his highlights in his career included a US led Social Program launch of Kinect For Xbox; developed Social Media product offerings and Casual Games for the Economist Intelligence Unit; developed and launched New Media programs for a number of clothing and technology clients and helped launch an MMO. He'll be joining the panel to share how he helps companies digest the wide range of technologies and tactics while devising metric-focused media strategie.
Stephanie Scott has been in the beauty and style industry for over a decade. Determined to give a personalized voice to niche brands large and small, she began her own public relations and strategic marketing consulting business - First and Last PR, LLC - which specializes in traditional and social media marketing. She has secured placements in top publications including Allure, Forbes, InStyle, Harper's Bazaar, Flaunt, Marie Claire, The New York Times, Vanity Fair, Vogue, W, and WWD. Stephanie joins the EFactor panel to share with us the importance of branding whether for yourself or your company and brand along with some insider tips of what not to do when getting your name out there.



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Recently, EFactor made a guest appearance at Mintz Levin Law Firm in New York for the Business Ethics Event. Our paneled speakers shared their insight among our attendees on different stages of entrepreneurship.

Elisa Balabram, author of Ask Others, Trust Yourself: The Entrepreneurial Woman's Key to Success, advised us that in order to show others that you are serious, you should have a business plan. She emphasized on the importance of being persistent in addition to being committed to what you are doing. Balabram also stated that support of family and friends are essential, especially when online crowd funding becomes legal with the Jobs Act.

Stephanie Scott spoke in detail about the field of marketing and public relations. Seeing that social media is an effective way to communicate, it is important for entrepreneurs to be authentic and transparent. Scott also provided a few examples of how companies used Hurricane Sandy to promote their products, by offering “Sandy Sales.” However, in cases like these, sometimes the best PR move is to do nothing.

Oz Sultan, of Sultan Interactive, added that ethical issues are starting to become more important in social media. Like Stephanie Scott, Sultan also advised attendees to be authentic and true to who they are. He also commented that during a natural disaster, any automated email blasts for sales should be cancelled so that businesses do not receive any bad feedback or worse, lose customers. 

Dan DeWolf, of Mintz Levin, explained the three best ways to get your company funded:

  • A market opportunity that somebody is interested in
  • You have to show that there is a point of pain and it is not just a nice to have
  • Your business brings a solution.

DeWolf also touched base on social media conversations. “If you can't tell it to your mother with a straight face, maybe you shouldn't.” Social media conversations never go away. Always be mindful of what you say within the social space. 

Upon conclusion, attendees were able to meet with the featured speakers to further the conversation with their expertise. In addition, we want to send a huge thank you to Mintz Levin for helping us host our roundtable discussion event.


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