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EFactor Presents: The Parallel Between Work and Personal Time

As an entrepreneur, a typical work week varies, often consuming 7 days and long hours. Join us for this special presentation as you learn from health and wellness experts the importance of “YOU” time. Logging in the long hours, also means taking some much needed “R & R.” Hear from entrepreneurs on how they are able to, ”shut off” when they need to recharge. We’ll also be teaching you some basic relaxation exercises to help you destress from a crazy work day. 
Join EFactor for an information packed event with entrepreneurs who have done it all and can share their advice, expertise and answer your burning questions!
After attending, you’ll have insights on:  
● A healthy balance between work and play
● De-stressing exercises
● Making the most out of your work day
John R. Dallas, Jr., Founder and Chief Alignment Officer (CAO) of Hillview Partners Network LLC, a team of independent consultants, executive coaches, and public speakers; credentialed individuals preeminent in fields related to strategic alignment of people, money, technology, and other resources.
Nancy Stevens, Founder and Publisher Oaklee’s Guide LLC
Nancy Stevens is the founder of Oaklee’s Family Guide and a successful Mom-preneur.  Nancy is a frequent speaker to women’s business owners on the topics of starting a small business and reaching the mom marketplace. She was named as an Influential Woman in Business in 2008, and the business was recognized in the 2008 Make Mine a Million Dollar Business national competition.
Scott Desgrosseilliers, Founder of TheMeditationMind(dot)com where he shares products and stories on how to apply meditation and spiritual practices for practical benefits. He is a certified facilitator of the Monroe Institute, the leading organization in consciousness exploration, and a member of the Theosophical Society. Scott worked as a NASDAQ trader in the 90s before discovering databases. He owns the IT consulting firm Low Entropy Systems where he attempts to practice what he teaches on work-life balance and applying meditation for productivity.
Katie Chambers, Founder, Feng Shui Today. Katie began designing office spaces in 1989 with a goal of bringing a feeling of harmony and balance to workplaces. Her mission is to empower clients to shift the energy of their environment in order to support personal growth and create positive changes in their lives. She seeks to develop comforting, inspiring designs for her clients.
Katie provides confidential feng shui consultations and space-clearing services using her trademark Feng Shui Today approach, melding centuries-old practices with modern equipment and designs to enhance selected areas of her clients’ lives and businesses. By improving the flow of energy throughout rooms and creating more harmonious environments, Katie helps her clients not only maximize their office or home spaces but also change their daily routines and lives in positive ways.

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Finding a Fulfilling Work/Life Balance in Chicago
When you’re an entrepreneur, there’s no such thing as 9 am to 5 pm, five days a week -- you’re more used to a 24-hour job. On January 14, EFactor visited Chicago and presented “The Parallel Between Work and Personal Time,” an event that taught hard-working movers and shakers the importance of “ME” time, and how it’s ok to not move and shake all the time. With a panel of entrepreneurs offering advice on how they relax and recharge, and a lesson on some basic relaxation techniques, attendees learned some valuable advice on chilling out and kicking back.
John R. Dallas, Jr. is the Founder and Chief Alignment Officer of Hillview Partners Network LLC, which is a team of independent consultants, executive coaches and public speaker. The evening’s first speaker, Dallas advised attendees not to wait around for their work-life balance to just show up -- these balances must be made, he said, and built around the strengths of a leader. The keys are, according to Dallas, always stay engaged in your task at hand, think of your kids if you’re having a hard time motivating yourself to build a balance, and don’t go to bed stressed out, so you can always look forward to a peaceful morning.
The evening’s next speaker, Nancy Stevens, is the Founder and Publisher of Oaklee’s Family Guide and considers herself a successful Mom-preneur. Stevens shared her “Three Myths of Entrepreneurship:” You can have it all, multitasking gets it done and you’re the one in control. Believing that these things are true won’t help you align your work and personal life, according to Stevens, but simple solutions like listing 5 priorities per day, keeping work at work and out of the home and finding passions that make you healthier, happier and more productive will put you on the right track. Working from home can be a challenge, so Stevens said maintaining flexibility and trying to limit multitasking are very important.
Scott Desgrosserlliers, another presenter at this event, is the Founder of TheMeditationMind(dot)com, where he shares products and stories on how to apply meditation and spiritual practices to everyday life, and is a facilitator of the Monroe Institute, the leading organization in consciousness exploration. Meditation, according to Desgrosserlliers, makes a person more present, and therefore more productive, but one needs to find the correct meditation technique for themselves -- whether it be mindfulness, chanting, music or visualization.This one-size-does-not-fit-all rule of mediation, says Desgrosserlliers, makes it kind of like dieting -- good for your health, but everyone has their own way to succeed at it.
The evening’s final presenter, Katie Chambers, is the founder of Feng Shui Today, a company that designs office spaces according to the rules of feng shui. These techniques improve energy flow throughout rooms and create more harmonious environments, while maximizing workspaces and changing the daily lives of her clients. Chambers shared some tips with attendees on how to rearrange their offices for better feng shui, including informing them that good storage space is key for inspiration and energy flow, that using sounds can clear out the old and welcome the new, and that positioning your desk with a solid wall behind you results in a power position and one of protection. And for your best sleep -- key to keeping a healthy work/life balance -- electronics in the bedroom should be banished.
Our attendees left this eye-opening event feeling refreshed and recharged, not to mention ready to get a handle on a healthy balance between their work lives and their personal lives. We are so grateful to our wonderful presenters for sharing their life-changing tips! We can’t wait to try them out. 
Special thanks to our sponsor for this event, Leavitt Siegal LLC, who provided food and beverages to our guests throughout the evening.



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6:30pm - 8:30pm Presentations and panel discussion

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