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EFactor Webinar: CrowdFunding-The New way of Funding

Learn about investment Crowdfunding, and how it works for both startups and investors. Jonathan Sandlund, founder of and, will give a comprehensive overview of investment Crowdfunding, including what we can learn from legal practices abroad, how / where to run a campaign, what current legislation permits, and what to expect going forward. Sandlund will also provide useful resources for those interested in exploring their own Crowdfund investing campaign.
Progam Overview:
• Opening by Eva Hukshorn and EFactor Introduction 
• Introduction Jonathan Sandlund
• Intro to Crowdfunding
    - Perk Crowdfunding: a cultural phenomenon
    - Perk vs. Investment Crowdfunding: Key differences
• Investment Crowdfunding 101
    - Data Abroad: What Can we Learn
    - Legislative Outlook in the U.S.
            Title II vs. Title III of the JOBS Act
            Implications of each
    - Existing mechanisms in place
    - Going forward: what to expect and how to prepare
• Interactive Q&A
Jonathan Sandlund
Jonathan Sandlund is founder of TheCrowdCafe, a leading provider of research and data on the global Investment Crowdfunding industry, and, a social platform being developed to grow small business and startup communities. Jonathan has deeply studied Crowdfund investing models across the globe, capturing data and learnings, and publishing it to promote greater awareness and understanding of the industry. An industry he passionately believes has enormous implications for businesses, investors and communities.
Eva has 7 years of experience as a financial & strategic advisor in Investment Banking in London, Amsterdam and New York for Accenture and ABN AMRO / RBS. During these years, she worked on a variety of projects mainly with an international focus. In 2010, she became an entrepreneur & investor herself. Currently, Eva is management and partner of, the largest network for Entrepreneurs in the world. Eva is informal investor and coaches several start- ups and is Board of Advisory of TreFoil Energy, CleanDrinks, ShowlinQ and Global Thinkers. Eva was awarded Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 by the Dutch Federation of Business Women.
If you have any questions, please contact Tatiana Afanasyeva.
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Dear All,

Thank you all for your registration and attending our webinar: "Crowdfunding, the New Way of Funding" with Jonathan Sandlund.

Jonathan, founder of TheCrowdCafe and, has great passion for crowdfunding, studying Crowdfund investing models across the globe, capturing data and learnings, and publishing it to promote greater awareness and understanding of the industry. Today he shared his views on the current dynamics of the market. He elaborated on different aspects, from perk to investment crowdfunding, US legislation and its influence on the global mechanism of crowdfunding and what we can expect in the future.

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