E.Factor presents: Wine not?

Join E.Factor and Wines.com CEO Alexander Andrawes in an evening showcasing wine tastings and networking. Although wine has been around for some time, tastings have become quite popular in the business world. Tastings provide a range of wines, allowing you to discover the subtle differences between wines and varietals. It allows you to expand your knowledge of wine, but also engage in networking with your fellow tasters. Alex will guide you through a collection of wines that are prominent or up and coming wines, giving you that conversational piece that gets those ideas flowing. What better way to network with some of LA’s entrepreneurs, and learn a little about wine?



Alexander Andrawes is one of the longest reigning Chief Executive Officers in the history of Wine Retail E-commerce. Founded in 2000, and doing buinsess as Personal Wine, Alex began Pervino Inc. with just $30,000 in personal savings and now a successful multi-million dollar operation with over 50,000 customers and hundreds of channel partners from the Company Headquarters in Austin, TX.


The wine business is complex, trendy and heavily regulated by both the Federal and State Governments. As the business emerged from incubancy to full scale, Alex spearheaded efforts that included developing relationships to lobby both the State and Federal Governments to allow for direct wine shipping to consumers by both wineries and retail stores. Thru a maze of regulation and ecommerce development, Alex pioneered an underdeveloped niche market with personalized wine labels by establishing regulations and protcols that enable consumers to get higher quality wines with private labels.


In 2008 in a bold move under Alex’s direction, Pervino, Inc, acquired the Wines.com URL and has since worked to transform the way that consumers gain access to wines and wine information in one website that delivers powerful product content, video, and incorporates social media to deliver the worlds most pre-eminent wine domain. The Wines.com and Personal Wine business model has experienced high double digit growth rates in both 2009 and 2010, the most economically challenging years since the Great Depression.


A Native of Dallas, TX and having traveled to over 35 countries and enjoys wine, food, music in Austin TX where earned a degree in Economics with a Business Minor in 1999. Today Alex serves as an advisor to many small start ups and active donor in philanthropies including the Center for Child Protection, National Wildlife Federation and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.


Combining a great selection of wines and champagnes, Alex Andrawes and EFactor hit it off with a great tasting event at Blankspaces. Alex provided an eclectic perspective with a blind tasting of champagne, white wines, Pinot Noir's, and finsihing with Cabernet Sauvignon's. The attendees got to learn about the wines they were tasting but also about the interesting background that Alex had in developing his business and developing it to what it is today. Attendees ranged from web developers and journalists to producers and event promoters. Blankspaces was a great venue for this kind of event, with many professionals being present in their office spaces, but also as a business oriented environment complimented with a comfortable lounge. 

All in all a great event with many ideas shared. For those of you that missed out, I would definitely take a look at our <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.efactor.com/events>events</a> page to find out when Alex will be joining with EFactor again. 



Adrie Reinders

Expertise Business Consulting -...
Country United States
Industries Business Development
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Gill Torres

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Country United States
Industries Media, Entertainment & Arts
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Amanda Pettit

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Country United States
Industries Technology & Telecoms
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Kimberly Kaplan

Expertise N/A
Country United States
Industries Health / Wellness & Fitness
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Karyn Noskin

Expertise N/A
Country United States
Industries Sales & Marketing
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Ali Boone

Expertise N/A
Country United States
Industries Aerospace / Defense,...
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Renske De Bruine

Expertise Information Technology -...
Country Netherlands
Industries Specialized Health...
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Located in downtown LA, come and join entrepreneurs from your area in an event revolving around wine tasting. Guided by serial entrepreneur Alex Works, learn a little about wine and find those conversational starters as you explore the possibilities with other entrepreneurs.

6:30 pm - Registration
7:00 - Tasting
7:30 - Keynote
8:30 - Q&A
8:45 - Networking
9:15 - Finish

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Wed, Jul 21 2010, 6:00 PM CDT

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10.00 for you

Blank Spaces
Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles 90036 United States


7 Attendees (1 Mentors)



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